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Golfers learn from the game’s best at Old Palm Golf Club

December 12, 2011

Top 100 logo 2 234x300 Practice makes perfect, especially if you’re a golfer practicing with some of the Top 100 Golf Teachers in America. More than 30 golfers were doing just that at the Golf Studio at Old Palm Golf Club during the weekend of December 4-6. Our own Director of Instruction, Mark Hackett, who is also one of those elite 100 instructors, led the much anticipated golf school event. It began casually Friday afternoon, as the participants were given fitness screenings to reveal their games’ weaknesses and strengths. Afterwards, they got acquainted and swapped golf stories at a cocktail party. On Saturday morning, the instruction began in earnest as the golfers were taught all sorts of easy-to-follow tips to improve every aspect of their games. Dr. Craig Farnsworth, the famed optometrist-turned-putting-guru, showed golfers his step-by-step prescription for building a reliable putting stroke. Mike Adams, creator of the LAWS of Golf philosophy, showed golfers how to customize a swing to their individual physical build, just like he’s done for celebrities like Jack Nicholson and Willie Nelson and former president George W. Bush. More instruction followed on Sunday, and by the time the golfers left late in the afternoon, they were all smiles and full of confidence. Their handicaps are sure to fall like the proverbial rock, and so can yours by participating in next year’s event.  


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