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January 09, 2012

Puttchip 144x150

Chipping is simply an extension of the putting stroke, and the rhythm, balance and pace of the motion you develop in a chip shot will carry over into the full shots. It’s essential for golfers to be skilled chippers because so many shots each round are around the green. You don’t need great strength to negotiate the chip shot, you just need to master some basic movements and then practice. The basics of the chip shot are: • Less air time, more ground time • Trajectory is low and running • One lever stroke that takes the wrist out of the stroke, allowing your arms to swing freely from your shoulders • Always land the ball on the putting surface for the truest roll Here’s the technique for a successful chip shot: • Choose the club that will allow you to carry the ball approximately 2 to 3 feet onto the green and then roll to the hole. The club will vary according to your distance from the green and then to the hole. • Place your hands down on the grip and step closer to the ball. That way, the club head will stand on its toe with the club shaft as vertical as possible. This also eliminates any angle in your left wrist, so the club head doesn’t drop lower through impact than at address. • Weight should favor your forward side (left side for right-handed players) with the ball placed opposite your back foot (right foot for right-handed players). These two positions keep the club shaft leaning forward, which makes the stroke a descending blow. • Keep your nose in front of the ball throughout the stroke to ensure that you will hit the ball first. The club will brush the ground directly below the nose, and you always want to brush the ground just after striking the ball. • Swing the club just as you would with a putter, maintaining the “Y” created by your arms and the club shaft.


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