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Our service goes above and beyond, and then even further

January 24, 2012

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Our staff will do about anything for the residents of Old Palm Golf Club, and last month we had the opportunity to really show how helpful we can be. It started with Old Palm’s sales team, who arranged for a couple from the Northeast to lease a home here for the season. Rather than fly in with several months worth of luggage, for convenience the couple shipped their clothes to the sales office. Everything was then delivered to their home, so it would be waiting for the couple’s arrival on New Year’s Eve. We even stocked the refrigerator with essentials, so they wouldn’t have to rush out for groceries. But our hospitality didn’t end there. We invited the couple to that night’s New Year’s Eve celebration at the Club, and the staff there made sure they were warmly welcomed. Members were told that the guests would be attending, and they too graciously extended their hospitality, treating the new couple like old friends. Several members even invited them to play a round of golf the next day. Apparently, everyone’s thoughtfulness had quite an impact. Five days later, with the assistance of Old Palm’s sales team, the new couple bought a home in our Golf Estates neighborhood and became our newest Club members.  


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