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January 27, 2012

Correctposture1 150x150

Many of us overlook the importance of correct posture in our haste to hit the golf ball.  But good posture in an athletic position is the starting point with which you swing the club. Without a proper set-up, you can’t maximize your effort. To ensure that your posture is correct it is important to know where your feet, knees, arms and spine should be in relation to one another. This picture shows that proper posture is achieved when a vertical line can be formed from the top of your spine, running inside of the elbows, across the front of your knees and through the balls of your feet. Any other posture than this will force you to make compensations during your swing to strike the ball well. This in itself will lead to less consistency in your ball striking. So make sure your posture is correct before you even start your swing.  


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