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February 15, 2012

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by Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club One of the most notable trends with golf equipment these days is the use of hybrid or rescue clubs. Even pros are using them to replace their 1-irons, 2-irons and, in some instances, 3-irons. Players of all skill levels are switching to hybrids for several reasons, including: (a)   They’re more forgiving than long irons (1-5 irons). A mis-hit shot with a hybrid club will fly farther in the air than a mis-hit iron shot. The technology and construction of hybrids have e nhanced the meaning of “game improvement” equipment. (b)  Hybrid shots fly higher in the air than long iron shots, which most golfers have difficulty getting airborne for long. That’s because hybrids have a lower center of gravity that produces a higher launch angle, ensuring that the ball flies higher and stays in the air longer. (c)   Hybrids are easier to play from the rough or fairway bunkers. The mass of the club coupled with the lower center of gravity helps get the ball up in the air. In addition, the ca mbered sole of the hybrid makes it easier to hit through taller grass and sand. If touring professionals are putting hybrids in their bags, I hope you’ll consider them, if you haven’t already. Your confidence hitting longer shots will increase and your scores will likely go down. I’m confident you’ll see the value in making the switch to hybrids. Look at the two clubs (a traditional 4-iron on the left and a comparable hybrid on the right), and you’ll notice that the hybrid looks easier to hit.


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