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“On the Mark”

February 28, 2012

Grassconsistency 150x127

by Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club  There are few absolutes in golf, but hitting the ball with a descending blow is one of them. The descending blow is fundamental to a properly struck ball off any type of turf or lie. You may think it’s better to swing up on the ball to get it into the air, but you must do just the opposite. The design of the club head creates loft on the ball when you strike down on it, likely causing you to take a divot out of the ground Divots are good. As the saying goes, “you hit the small ball and then the big ball” — meaning the Earth. If you’re a picker of the ball instead of taking a divot, you’re robbing yourself of valuable distance, accuracy and the wonderful sensation of a properly struck golf ball. The red arrows on this picture taken just before impact indicate the proper direction of the club. A ball struck below the line will fly into the air, and a ball struck above the red line will not. Here’s a great drill to practice. Put a tee in the ground one inch in front of the ball and slightly above the turf line. Then, practice hitting the golf ball and clipping the tee in front of it. This encourages a descending blow on the ball that will aid in optimizing consistency and accuracy.


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