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Members get driver’s education—on the golf course and behind the wheel

April 02, 2012

Recently, 35 members of Old Palm Golf Club participated in an event that was all about driving—golf balls and BMWs. The unique, two-day experience started with a golf clinic at the Old Palm Golf Studio, where several of the country’s Top 100 instructors, including Old Palm’s own Mark Hackett, showed the participants hands-on how to improve their game. Next, they drove off to the Palm Beach International Raceway to get behind the wheels of a fleet of high-performance BMW Series M automobiles. To prepare the group for the adrenaline-boosting, heart-racing adventure, a team of BMW driving instructors gave them lessons in high-speed driving and road safety. Before long, they all squealed off down the raceway, each in a BMW, the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” The following day, with their attention back on golf, the group enjoyed a skills competition at our Golf Studio, with the option of playing a round afterwards. As a reminder of the previous day’s activities, BMWs were on display around the Club, including the models our members had raced on the Palm Beach International track.


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