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New Greens Coming Soon to Old Palm Golf Course

April 23, 2012

Grass 150x150

In mid-May, the Raymond Floyd-designed golf course at Old Palm will close through the summer to bring a new grass to the course. The Old Palm greens will be planted with TifEagle, a hybrid Bermuda grass that’s drought tolerant and disease resistant. TifEagle is also rhizomatous and stoloniferous, which for all of us who aren’t golf course superintendents means the grass spreads and thrives in wet conditions. The rest of the Old Palm golf course will remain Paspalum, a variety of weed-resistant grass that grows beautifully even without large amounts of fertilizers or pesticides. Plus, our members love the way their golf balls sit up on the lush Paspalum, which makes ball striking that much easier. With the TifEagle greens and Paspalum fairways, Old Palm Golf Club continues to be on the cutting edge, set apart from the rest.


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