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Lee Bladen's Turf Talk: There Is No Turning Back Now!

May 18, 2012

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There Is No Turning Back Now!

By Lee Bladen Old Palm's Golf Course Superintendent

On Tuesday April 15th we grassed Practice holes 1, 2, and 3, the North Chipping green, and our Nursery green with Tifeagle Bermuda grass at the rate of 30 bushel baskets per 1000 square feet. The Bermuda is hand applied as shown in the picture on the left and then machine sliced into the greens mix as shown in the picture in the middle. The cutting in process creates soil, plant contact ensuring better germination.

For the next 5 to 6 weeks every effort is made to apply constant water and a regiment of fertilizers so that the Tifeagle Bermudagrass grows sideways, knits together, and makes a solid cover across the new green. The quicker we can cover the bare dirt, the less damage we will experience from the impending summer storms, and we can start preparing the Tifeagle into a smooth putting surface. At the same time we were grassing this week in the Studio another crew was removing the dead paspalum sod and old greens mix from the greens on holes 1 and 2. To eliminate washouts or drainage issues in the newly cored out greens we will be filling the cavities in these greens with new greens mix as quickly as possible. Please remember we are running a lot of water, therefore the surrounds of the newly grassed greens are very soft. The greens themselves are not stable enough to handle Golf cars or even pedestrian traffic   without creating foot marks or causing extensive damage to the surfaces. Your cooperation to stay some distance from the actual putting surfaces is greatly appreciated.  


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