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Members take revenge on Old Palm’s golf greens

June 01, 2012

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Nobody likes missing a putt, especially a well-hit putt that just refuses to go in. Putting can be so incredibly cruel that you can’t help but dream of gouging a big divot right out of every smug, unforgiving green. Well, the members of Old Palm were given the chance to do exactly that recently, and they relished every annihilating second.  One Member really took out her Revenge on Hole #2 With a Hole in One and Two Strokes, her very first Hole in One at Old Palm’s “Paspalum Revenge”. It was all part of our Paspalum Revenge Golf Tournament, a once-in-a-lifetime event that gave members the chance to destroy Old Palm’s greens by teeing off from them. Golf Course Superintendent Lee Bladen was all for it. As far as he was concerned, the bigger the divot, the better. After all, Old Palm’s Raymond Floyd-designed golf course was being closed the very next day and the paspalum grass greens were being bulldozed, so why not give members the chance to help—and maybe take out a little pent-up frustration. More than two dozen golfers showed up swinging, and there were plenty of prizes to go around. This summer, the paspulum grass on Old Palm’s greens will be replaced with TifEagle ultradwarf, a strain of the grass that’s has all the speed and quality of bentgrass, but is much easier to maintain. We’ll keep you posted as the new TifEagle grass greens grow in and Old Palm’s golf course gets in even better shape.


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