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Lee Bladen's Turf Talk: The Grass is Growin and We're a Mowin!

June 06, 2012

Practisegreenmowing 150x150

We are Growing and Mowing By Lee Bladen Two weeks to the day from when the greens in the Golf Studio were planted with the Tifeagle we mowed them. It is Amazing, how well rooted the new sprigs are and I felt the time was right. When growing in any type of grass from sprigs you want to get a mower on them as soon as you feel comfortable that the mower won't uproot anything. We were very careful about twisting and turning the mower and we experienced no major problems.  The goal during the grow-in process of any Ultradwarf Bermudas like Tifeagle is to mow as soon as possible and continue to lower the cutting heights to force the grass to creep sideways. It is my estimation that after 3 weeks from planting we are about 60% covered. The next group of greens completed will be the Practice putting green and Chipping green at the Golf Studio, the Practice putting green by Hole #1, and Greens #1 through #6 on the Front Nine. We expect to complete the grading and clean up on these greens by the end of this week with our goal  to fumigate them on Monday, June 11th. If all goes as expected, we anticipate Grassing these greens during  this same week of June 11th.


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