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Lower your scores with a custom-fit wedge

June 11, 2012

Edel wedge collage 150x150

No matter how many wedges you carry in your golf bag, it’s important that they fit properly. To this point, Old Palm Golf Club uses an Edel Golf custom wedge-fitting system. Over the past two decades, David Edel, the founder of Edel Golf, has collaborated with the game’s best instructors, including Old Palm’s Top 100 Golf Instructor Mark Hackett, to develop the finest golf equipment. In particular, Edel Golf’s proprietary fitting system ensures that golfers play wedges with the proper amount of “bounce,” which refers to the design of the club’s sole. A wedge with the proper bounce makes it easier to hit through long grass and sand and helps prevent “fat” shots. Edel wedges come in eight different bounces for a variety of situations. To make the clubs even more playable, the center of gravity has been moved to the center of the clubface, instead of being closer to the heel like on traditional wedges. Edel wedges also feature an expanded groove pattern that promotes higher spin rates. You can even custom-stamp your name or initials on the club and choose a custom paint fill.


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