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Lee Bladen’s Turf Talk: Sitting Pretty!

June 22, 2012

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Sitting Pretty By Lee Bladen Old Palm Golf Course Superintendent Those two words really describe my thoughts about Old Palm's Greens Re-Grassing project. The first 5 greens were planted about 5 weeks ago and we are about 95% covered with Tifeagle Bermudagrass. Now the emphasis is on getting them ready for play. To do so we mow them daily, and currently are cutting them at a height of .135 of an inch with a goal  to get them down to about .110 in the weeks to come. In conjunction with establishing the correct mowing height for speed, emphasis is also placed on making the surfaces smooth and of putting quality. To smooth out the greens, we roll them twice a week and top dress them once a week  to fill in the cavities. Frequent fertilizer applications allow us to be very aggressive in preparing the putting surfaces. Accelerating the growth of the plant makes the turf management practices easier. Phase #2 of the grassing program is complete. The practice putting green and the chipping greens at the Golf Studio, the putting green on #1 tee, greens 1-6, 9, 15, and 17 were all grassed with the Tifeagle this week.  Water will be continuously applied on the new sprigs, to establish the sprigs, and promote germination. Phase #3, grassing the remaining 11 greens, is not far behind. These greens are progressing rapidly toward completion and are in different stages of construction. Greens 7, 8, 16, 18, 19, and the practice green on #10 tee all have new greens mix in them and have been rough shaped. We are removing the old greens mix on the last 5 greens, 10 - 14 and rough shaping them as we go. As this step is completed clean up and final shaping will take place in preparation to grass. Our goal is to have all these greens grassed during the first week of July. This project is on schedule and... Sitting Pretty!!!


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