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Lee Bladen’s Turf Talk: That's A Wrap!

July 11, 2012

That's A Wrap! By Lee Bladen Old Palm Golf Course Superintendent It was  a push to the finish but....its a Wrap!. The remaining 11 greens were shaped and grassed this week allowing us to  meet our target completion date. With the current temperatures in the 90's and no rain our  focus now is on watering to keep the new sprigs wet and cool until they develop roots and start to grow. The greens that were grassed 2 weeks ago (Golf Studio putting and chipping greens,   #1 tee practice green, Holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 15, and 17) have rooted and there is evidence daily of  new shoots  appearing through the sand. We have been able to  reduce the watering of these greens slightly, while substantial moisture is still the priority. Using a technique that does not uproot the new grass plants we have actually mowed and rolled them  a number of  times. Several applications of fertilizing materials used to  stimulate root and shoot growth have been applied frequently during the process. The five greens at the Golf Studio that were grassed 7 weeks ago are 100% covered with the Tifeagle. We are mowing them at heights close to those used during play and rolling them everyday. Our immediate priority with this group of greens is to get them smooth and ready for play. Each topdressing application gets us a little  closer to achieving our goal. Several other course changes have been started and will be completed very quickly now that the greens are finished. On hole #1 we have eliminated the first fairway bunker on the right and the left greenside bunker. Also we have added a new greenside bunker front right on #1. A new fairway bunker has been added on the right side of #3. A new forward tee has been added on #5. The left third of the fairway bunker on #8 has been removed and made fairway. A new forward tee has been constructed on #11. The first right side fairway bunker on #18 has been eliminated. With the Greens Regrassing work complete,  we now have plenty of time necessary for grown-in and conditioning  for the upcoming season. You Better Bring Your "A" Game!


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