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Who knew staying fit could be so much fun?

July 23, 2012

Workout with weights 150x150

Nobody really wants to work out if its drudgery. The time goes faster and the chances of returning increase when it’s actually fun to exercise. To keep our members’ work outs entertaining, Old Palm holds a variety of complimentary group fitness classes during the season. This year, members can look forward to participating in: Zumba. Latin-inspired, calorie-burning Zumba is so addictive we’ll offer it two days a week. Barre. Release your inner ballerina and tone your muscles without adding mass. Yoga. A great way to enhance vitality, improve flexibility and achieve a sense of well being. Pilates Mat. A great way to learn the basics of Pilates and strengthen your core. TPI. These golf-specific fitness classes will help lower scores and prevent golf injuries. Group Cycle. Enjoy a vigorous work out on a stationary bike in an energized atmosphere. Weights. Ideal for purists who love the pump of free weights or a weight station.


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