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Cheers for the latest Pub Night

August 29, 2012

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Pub Night has returned to Old Palm Golf Club, a good indication that the season is fast approaching. The event is always incredibly fun, and the most recent Pub Night held true to form. Members gathered in the Club for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, while the conversations were lively as everyone caught up on their summer activities. The kids in attendance had a great time, too. Besides enjoying the spectacular food, they had the opportunity to bungee jump on the event lawn just outside the Club. Even the big kids jumped at the chance. Old Palm resident and 2010 British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen and his wife, Nel-Mare, were among the first adults to bungee jump. Not to be outdone, Old Palm resident and PGA TOUR professional Lee Westwood and his son, Sam, soon followed. The families were all smiles as they did flips, spins, triple jumps and all sorts of other acrobatic moves that may — or may not — have been planned. As the season gets closer, the Club at Old Palm will hold more and more events like Pub Night. If you weren’t able to attend this one, be sure to see us soon at the next social gathering.  


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