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Golf Studio adds TrackMan technology

September 06, 2012

Introducing trackman ii 150x150

Practice makes perfect, and TrackMan makes practicing golf even better. Old Palm just installed a TrackMan golf radar system in the Golf Studio, so members can watch the trajectories of their shots in 3D. The technology is used in PGA TOUR golf tournaments to illustrate the ball’s flight, from impact to landing, so viewers can easily see how well—or how poorly—the shot was struck. With the TrackMan, Old Palm’s members can clearly track their golf shots and then adjust their swings accordingly, which will help them play more consistently. The technology also accurately tracks and analyzes the golf club’s plane and attack angle, providing easy-to-understand quantitative results about the ball’s trajectory, height, hang time, spin and how far it carried in the air. Plus, seeing the flight of golf shots in color just looks cool. “TrackMan greatly enhances the club-fitting process,” explains Bud Taylor, Old Palm Golf Club’s Director of Golf. “By looking at the various numbers TrackMan provides, we can fine-tune the different golf club elements, such as clubface loft and shaft flex, that will maximize the performance of our members.”


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