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September 24, 2012

Paspalum 150x150

By Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club One of the toughest situations for any golfer is playing out of the rough, especially on lush southern grasses such as the paspalum at Old Palm. The grass in the rough is so dense and strong that it affects every shot, so be realistic about your shot selection. If you have no chance to reach the green because of the lie, don’t try it. Lay up. The most important thing in playing this shot is to make contact between the clubface and the ball. Here’s how you make the adjustment to do it. Play the ball back in the stance two inches, grip down two inches and position your nose in front of the ball to allow weight to start, stay and finish on your left side. This will produce a steeper angle of attack at the ball, which will give you better chance to hit the ball cleanly. If your swing plane is too shallow there will be too much grass between the ball and clubface. You don’t need to help the ball up; the adjustments will allow you to escape the rough.


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