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Group fitness about to start again

October 13, 2012

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Keeping fit is more fun when you do it in a group, especially at Old Palm’s Fitness Center, where our members just naturally encourage each other to meet their fitness goals. Starting Monday, October 15th, there will be plenty of new opportunities to exercise together again, as our group fitness classes resume. The season will start with a bang — a 9AM class in Zumba®, an exhilarating Latin-inspired exercise program that’s often called a “fitness party.” But Zumba is only one of many group classes that will be held in the Fitness Center. There will also be Core Fusion, Yoga, Pilates Mat, Group Cycle and Barre Sculpt, a new program that builds longer, leaner muscles and increases cardio stamina. Because golf is so integral to the Old Palm lifestyle, the Fitness Center will also offer Titleist Performance Institute group classes. This specialized instruction helps golfers increase their flexibility, strengthen the muscles most commonly used when playing, and ultimately lower their scores.  


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