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October 29, 2012

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With the re-grassing complete and the golf course re-opening next week, it is a great time to highlight the areas important to the care of the golf course and Golf Studio.  We all take tremendous pride in our Club and we all have a role in maintaining it. BALL MARKS With the old Paspalum greens, ball marks were not a huge issue and at times were even difficult to locate.  That will not be the case with our new greens.  Without proper care of our new TifEagle bermudagrass greens, we will have greens that will be continually scared with ball marks not repaired or improperly repaired. The proper way to repair a ball mark: Here is the secret:  Your goal is to stretch the undamaged surface back into the depression, not to lift the depression by prying.  The putting surface is actually a fairly elastic thing.  Ball impact pushes the surface out to form the ridges around the depression.  You can fix it by stretching the surface back in.  When doing this, the indentation or depression should flatten out.  Remember:  It can take 2-3 weeks for an unfixed ball mark to heal. SAND DIVOTS When playing on the Golf Course or the practice holes at the Studio, it is important to make sure your divots are replaced with sand.  When playing with a caddie, they will be able to do this - unless they are helping another player when you are hitting your shot.  The actual purpose of putting sand in the divot is to smooth the hole remaining so the grass grows level with the ground. CIGARETTE & CIGAR BUTTS Please do not discard butts on the golf course.  A soda can with a little water in the bottom makes a good ashtray while playing. DIVOT PATTERN ON PRACTICE TEE To maximize the use of the grass on the driving range tee, please place your ball at the grassy back edge of your previous divot removing just a small portion of grass each swing. GOLF CARS For your safety and the safety of your fellow members and staff, it is vitally important to take extreme caution in driving a golf car.  No more than two riders are permitted on a golf car at a time, and it is very important to keep your entire body inside the golf car while it is moving.  And like driving an automobile, it is of utmost importance to give driving your complete attention.  Please refrain from texting, driving with your knees, etc. While playing the Golf Course and practice holes, golf cars should: - Remain 20 paces from the greens. - Remain on the golf car paths on all Par 3's At the Golf Studio, please keep your golf car on the concrete parking areas around the south teeing ground and chipping/pitching and putting greens.  Golf cars should not be parked on     the practice teeing ground except for shotgun starts for some club events.


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