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The new Octane Elliptical fuels fitness

November 27, 2012

Octane fitness lateral x elliptical 150x150

The fitness center at Old Palm Golf Club just added a new piece of exercise equipment that’s taking our residents’ fitness in a new direction—laterally. Unlike conventional elliptical machines that only move forward and backward, Old Palm’s new Octane Lateral X Elliptical also moves side-to-side. That third dimension of movement burns more calories, improves performance and strengthens additional muscles, especially in the inner and upper thighs. It’s a complete cardio workout because there’s such variety in the range of motions, which can be adjusted to suit different levels of fitness. Best of all, there’s no learning curve. Just put your feet in the steps, program the Octane Lateral X to your preferences, and start moving—forward, backward and now laterally.  


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