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Bravo! A night at the opera

November 30, 2012

Old Palm Golf Club has choreographed a wonderful event for Saturday evening, January 19th, 2013. It starts with a magnificent dinner at the Club, followed by an entertaining lecture on opera by Old Palm resident Sandy Fisher, who’s also Vice Chairman of the Board of the Palm Beach Opera. Then, it’s off to the Kravis Center for a performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s wildly popular La Traviata, one of the most famous operas ever composed. La Traviata takes place during the 1850s in the glittering and decadent world of Parisian nightlife. In the story, Alfredo falls desperately in love with Violetta, one of Paris’ most notorious courtesans. Despite her reservations, she returns his love and they flee the city for the tranquility of the countryside. All is well until Alfredo’s father manipulates her into abandoning Alfredo’s to save the family’s honor. It may sound like a soap opera and that’s part of the charm. La Traviata is a delight, filled with passionate music and memorable melodies, especially with Emmy Award-winning Renata Scotto directing the international cast.  


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