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December 03, 2012

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By Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club How you hit a pitch shot around the green depends on a wide variety of factors, especially the lie. Hitting a ball that’s buried in the grass calls for a different strategy than a hitting a ball with a “tight” lie, where it’s sitting on very little grass. It’s also important to consider the club’s bounce and sole surface, which can be adjusted by how you address the ball. For the best results with a tight lie, stand close to the ball and put the club up on its toe. This removes the bounce, flattens the shoulder turn and produces a shallow angle of attack. Also, due to the high position of the hands, the release is restricted. For the best results with a buried lie in the rough, stand farther from the ball to increase the bounce and sole surface area. This will cause the shoulders to tilt and create a steep angle of attack, which minimizes the amount of resistance from the rough.


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