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Our golf course is “green,” of course

December 17, 2012

Grass 150x150

Since the day Old Palm Golf Club broke ground, we have been wholly committed to preserving the environment. For our continued efforts, Old Palm earned the prestigious Audubon International Gold Signature certification. That designation extends to our golf course, an amenity that’s not ordinarily associated with being eco-friendly. However, Old Palm’s spectacular Raymond Floyd-designed golf course is anything but ordinary. “People don’t realize just how environmentally friendly the Seashore Paspalum turf grass is on this golf course,” says Bud Taylor, Old Palm’s Director of Golf. “It can be irrigated with brackish or even salt water and requires significantly less fertilizer than Bermuda.” As Golf Course Superintendent Lee Bladen explains, the wetlands scattered throughout the course are actually “phytozones” that act as natural buffers and filtration systems between the golf course and the community’s collection of ponds and lakes, which attract native birds and waterfowl. Close to 98 percent of the irrigation water at Old Palm is reclaimed. Even the lakes are lined, so the reclaimed water doesn’t leak into the ground water.


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