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January 02, 2013

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By Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction, Old Palm Golf Club In almost every round, you’ll face a situation where the ball is just off the putting surface and you’re not quite sure which club to hit. There are several options. Average golfers usually want to hit the ball high in the air, and a chip shot might be a good play here. But only if your confidence level is high. A safer, more popular choice is to putt the ball in this situation. But that isn’t always the best choice because in South Florida the graininess of the grass and the slope of the green can cause the putt to start bouncing radically, which will alter the speed and direction. A better alternative is to use a hybrid club and pretend that it’s a putter. You can even use your putting grip. Because there’s more loft on a hybrid club than a putter, the shot will travel on top of the grass not down into it. Once the ball gets on the green, it will roll just like a putt. To hit this shot, make sure your arms and shoulders work in a pendulum motion, much like you would with a putt of this length. Keep your lower body quiet, with your weight forward, and your nose in front of the ball, so you can create a descending blow.


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