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Luxury and sustainability thrive at Old Palm

January 09, 2013

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Being “green” is deeply ingrained into the mindset at Old Palm Golf Club. “It’s indigenous to the community and culture,” says Connie McGinnis, Director of Sales. “Luxury and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive and our golf course, homes and home builders are proof positive that they are complementary.” With only 316 residences planned to be built on Old Palm’s 650 acres, the community has one of the lowest densities in the region. Another rarity is the fact that the homes in Old Palm’s Custom Estates neighborhood are on one-acre lots that back up to natural areas and the Raymond Floyd-designed golf course, which is irrigated with reclaimed water. “When you combine best-in-class, sustainable builders, environmentally enlightened owners, and one-acre lots abutting open space, it’s ideal for the ecology and energy conservation,” continues McGinnis. All of the builders in Old Palm adhere to strict eco-guidelines during construction. They use paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), high-efficiency air conditioning systems, and spray foam insulation that dramatically reduce home energy consumption and excess greenhouse gas emissions. Some homeowners take being “green” one step further. For instance, 2010 British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen has taken his eco-home in the Golf Estates to a new level, installing solar panels, tank-less water heaters and LED lights throughout. And Oosthuizen is but one example of how the residents of Old Palm are environmentally conscious.


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