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When just off the green, try putting

February 06, 2013

It’s not always obvious what to hit when your ball lies just off the green, especially when the grass is tightly mown like it is at Old Palm’s Raymond Floyd-designed golf course. Do you chip it and risk “blading” or “chunking” the shot? Or is there a better way such as putting? To increase your chances of a successful putt from off the green, try these tips:
  1. Stand taller to the ball, so your arms can swing more freely. That will generate more club speed, which will help power the ball through the long grass to the short grass on the green.
  2. Create extra power by hinging your wrists slightly as you swing the putter back.
  3. Play the ball in the center of your stance, which creates more top spin. That will also help move the ball through the long grass.


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