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How to sauté the Old Palm way

February 16, 2013

While all the dishes served at Old Palm are spectacular, the seafood entrées are particularly popular because the ingredients often come straight from the ocean to our kitchen. Fresh makes all the difference with regard to flavor, texture and even presentation on the plate. One of the most requested dishes at the Club is Sautéed Hog Snapper with a vegetable medley of quinoa, baby carrots and French green beans. It’s a light, healthy dish that you can even prepare at home with a little guidance from Old Palm’s Master Chef Keith Bayer. Here’s how he does it: Heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a sauté pan. Turn up the temperature to medium-high and add the Hog Snapper. While it’s cooking, sauté the quinoa, baby carrots and beans in another pan with olive oil. Cook the fish until it flakes with a fork, and vegetables until they reach the desired degree of firmness. The exact time will vary according to your personal preferences, cookware and level of heat. Serve the carrots and beans over the bed of quinoa, add the Hog Snapper to the side, drizzle with your favorite flavored oil, and voilà. Hog Snapper just like Master Chef Bayer’s.  


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