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Increase your odds in the bunker

February 22, 2013

Most every golfer has trouble hitting out of a bunker. According to 2013 PGA Tour statistics, the pros only get up and down an average of 50.47% of the time. Fairway bunkers can be even more difficult to hit from, but not if you follow the advice of Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America. Here’s Hackett’s advice: First, consider the 3 L’s: 1. The lie of the ball. It determines what type of club you can hit. 2. The lip of the bunker. Its height can restrict certain shots. 3. The length of the shot. If it’s too far, hit a recovery and take your medicine. Then, run through this routine: • Grip down on the shaft to shorten the club’s length. • Play the ball back in your stance to hit a thinner shot. • Wedge the right foot and dig in the toe for better balance. From this position, your body will be stabilized, allowing you to make a three-quarters swing and hit a thin golf shot. You’ll escape from the bunker every time.


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