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Watch Old Palm resident Lee Westwood on “Feherty”

April 03, 2013


The recent episode of “Feherty” featuring profressional golfer and Old Palm resident Lee Westwood is now available on our website (http://www.oldpalmgolfclub.com/video/), so you can view it whenever you want. This segment is extra special because it was filmed at Old Palm in the home Lee is building in the Custom Estates (the Westwoods have since moved in) and in a neighbor’s backyard. Host David Feherty, who’s known for his quick wit and offbeat humor, asked questions on a variety of topics, and Westwood answered in his usual candid and honest manner. The conversation started with why he left his home in England to move full time to Old Palm, to which Westwood referenced England’s harsh winter weather, saying “You can’t hit balls when you can’t feel your fingers.” No topic was off-limits, including Westwood’s several near misses at winning one of golf’s major tournaments, despite being one of the world’s top golfers for nearly 20 years. They also discussed Westwood’s two-and-a-half year slump starting in 2001, when he admittedly “felt like I didn’t know which end of the club to hold.” Being so frank about his struggles is one of the reasons Westwood is so beloved in America. “People like a fighter and a battler,” explains Westwood, who came roaring back to the winner’s circle in 2003 and has been there ever since. His accomplishments include being #1 in the World Golf Rankings in 2010, winning an almost unheard-of 10 straight matches in the Ryder Cup, and winning 39 golf tournaments worldwide. Yet, he remains refreshingly down-to-earth and ego-free, which Westwood attributes to being “brought up correctly” by his math teacher father and podiatrist mother. The “Feherty” episode also revealed some of Westwood’s interests off the golf course, including his keen interest in race horses and becoming more physically fit. To discover more about Westwood and his recent move to Old Palm Golf Club in the Palm Beaches, tune in to the show at your leisure.


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