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Westwood discusses life at Old Palm on CNN

May 10, 2013

CNN reporter Don Riddell recently caught up with professional golfer and Old Palm resident Lee Westwood to get his thoughts about living at Old Palm Golf Club. Riddell, a fellow Brit, hadn’t interviewed Westwood for nearly 15 years, so there was plenty to discuss. The interview was held at different venues around Old Palm, including the Club, the driving range at the Golf Studio, and while zipping around on Westwood’s golf cart. “Old Palm is beautiful, and we’re lucky to have found a spot like this,” says Westwood, who moved here full time with his family a few months ago. “All the people made me feel very welcome, and the facilities are incredible. So we’re very happy here.” Old Palm’s spectacular Golf Studio and Raymond Floyd-designed golf course, combined with South Florida’s ideal weather, allow Westwood the freedom to practice year-round. Although he has won 39 golf tournaments worldwide, Westwood now hopes to take his game to a new level, perhaps even winning one of golf’s major tournaments. “When I was home [in England] I wasn’t able to practice on greens as fast as they were running over here, or on the same kind of grass around the greens, so I had to make a bigger adjustment,” explains Westwood, who just celebrated his 40th birthday at a surprise party at Old Palm. “Here, I can practice 52 weeks out of the year.” Known for being down to earth, Westwood candidly revealed his thoughts and sense of humor when Riddell asked him a number of short rapid-fire questions, including: Describe Lee Westwood in three words. “Confident, focused and driven.” Who’s in your fantasy four-ball? “Hogan, Palmer and Ballesteros.” If you could only win one major, what would it be? “The Open.” Who the funniest pro golfer? “Bubba [Watson] makes me chuckle.” Superstitious? “Not really. Touch wood.” Who would play Lee Westwood in a film? “Brad Pitt, no doubt.”


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