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Golf instruction and advanced technology unite

May 17, 2013

Old Palm Golf Club takes golf seriously by providing members with everything they need to improve their games. Director of Instruction Mark Hackett is one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, and Director of Golf Bud Taylor is a PGA Certified Master Professional who supervises Old Palm’s member tournaments and teaching programs. To complement their prodigious talents, they use the latest technology in Old Palm’s one-of-a-kind Golf Studio. For instance, there is a Trackman golf radar system in the studio’s hitting bay. The system clearly shows the trajectory of each golf shot in 3D, so the golfer and instructor can easily see how well—or how poorly—the shot was struck. Based on the resulting information, adjustments can be made to the golfer’s swing, grip, alignment and even equipment—all of which maximizes the golfer’s performance. “We use Trackman technology to measure spin rate, launch angle, club head speed and other flight characteristics,” explains Taylor. “By marrying golf instruction with technology, we can really improve our members’ golf games.”


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