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Three exercises for golfers to stop swaying when swinging (Video)

May 20, 2013

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Golfers that sway laterally, instead of rotating when swinging, find it almost impossible to hit powerful, consistent shots. However, the sway can be corrected easily says Ken MacDonald, Old Palm’s Golf Fitness Specialist. Just follow these three exercises, which are designed to help correct the faulty swing pattern: Exercise One Place a club perpendicular to the floor with both of your hands atop the grip. Rotate your hips forward and back, as if someone is pulling at your side belt loops. This prevents you from swaying. Do 15 reps, which will help you to identify the proper rotary pattern. Exercise Two Get down on one knee with your other leg in front of you at a 90° angle. Hold a kettle bell weight in both hands, pushing it up diagonally and then down across your body diagonally. The move forces the lower body to stabilize and not sway. If you get sloppy with the hips and sway, you will know it immediately because you will start to tip over.   Exercise Three Connect one end of an exercise band to a stationary object and place the other end around your waist. Cross your arms over your chest. When you move away, stretching the band, it will try to force you to sway. However, if you simulate your golf swing and rotate properly, you won’t sway a bit. Do 15 reps to ingrain the pattern in your mind. When you put a golf club in your hand and swing, you will notice the difference because you will most likely be rotating properly instead of swaying.


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