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How golfers can tell if their shoulder turn is limited

May 29, 2013

Most golfers want to create a greater shoulder turn to improve their swing, says Ken MacDonald, Old Palm’s Golf Fitness Specialist. But very few of those golfers know definitively if their shoulder turn is really limited. To find out, MacDonald offers this simple test for golfers to assess their shoulder turn. • Sit on a chair with your knees together • Cross two golf clubs at your feet, making an “X” • Hold a third club behind your head, parallel to the ground • With your palms facing out, rotate the third club as far as possible left and right If you can rotate past the corresponding club pointing left and right on the floor, your shoulder turn isn’t limited at all. If you can’t rotate that far, MacDonald is happy to show you exercises to improve your shoulder turn, which will help you to play better golf.


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