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Lightning detectors installed on Old Palm golf course

July 17, 2013

Thor guard lightning detection system small 150x150

Florida is the lightning capital of the world with storms occurring approximately 100 days annually. Each year on average, lightning kills seven people in the state and injures another 50, many of them on golf courses, according to the National Weather Service. In light of the danger, Old Palm has just completed the installation of a Thor-Guard Lightning Detection System on our Raymond Floyd-designed golf course. Thor-Guard is the only product on the market that actually predicts lightning, providing our members with the most reliable and technologically advanced weather safety tool available. When the system predicts that there is a 97% chance of a lightning strike within 2 ½ miles of the Clubhouse, it produces a horn blast that lasts 15 seconds. The blast indicates that a lightning strike will occur in the next 8-20 minutes, giving members time to seek shelter. When the storm has dissipated and it is safe to resume outdoor activity, three 5-second horn blasts will occur. Horns have been strategically placed around Old Palm so they can easily be heard. Horns are located on top of the clubhouse, at #4 tee, between the fairways on #13 and #14, and at the Golf Studio on the first practice hole. So as not to be an interruption during non-golf hours, the alarm will only sound between 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.


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