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Butterflies are free. Parking is $5.

August 08, 2013

Butterflies 150x150

Everyone enjoys seeing butterflies gracefully flitting about Old Palm Golf Club, but few people know much about them. Have you ever wondered how long butterflies live? (One month on average) Or how they eat? (Through a straw-like tube that’s usually coiled under their heads) Or how many butterfly species there are in Florida? (Just over 100). To find out more about these beautiful, brightly colored insects, join the complimentary Butterfly Walk at the John D. MacArthur Beach State Park on Saturday, August 24, 11:00am. During the approximately one-hour walk along the Dune Trail, you’ll follow an expert naturalist through one of South Florida’s last remaining hardwood hammocks. You should see all sorts of butterflies, as they’re naturally attracted to many of the indigenous plants. In all likelihood, you’ll see Florida’s official state butterfly, the colorful zebra longwing. But you may also spot favorites like the cloudless sulfur, the Great Southern white, and the Julia. All the while, the naturalist will elaborate on the habits of Florida’s native species, and afterwards you’ll have the opportunity to learn even more by watching a PowerPoint presentation. Then, you might browse the Nature Center’s gift shop, looking at books such as “Florida’s Fabulous Butterflies.” Best of all, the entire outing only costs $5 to park.


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