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Take a closer look at the Norton’s art

August 20, 2013

Norton museum 4 150x150

Art is open to interpretation. One person may look at a Van Gogh self-portrait and see genius; another person may see only a tortured soul. That’s the beauty of art. There is no right or wrong interpretation. However, a little guidance can be helpful. To this end, the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach offers “A Closer Look,” a series of monthly talks that highlight one artist whose work is exhibited at the museum. Joseph Cornell will be featured on Wednesday, August 21(1:00-2:15 pm), in a program led by Jessica Kennedy, Assistant Curator of Education. Kennedy’s talk will concentrate on the cultural context of Cornell’s “Untitled (1963).” An American artist and sculptor, Cornell was a pioneer in the art of assemblage. He spent years collecting everyday objects and then assembling them in boxes to create illuminating art that symbolically evokes memories and expresses his personal philosophies and dreams. Cornell’s work is fascinating, enlightening and certainly open to interpretation. In the following months, the “A Closer Look” series will examine Richard Diebenkorn’s “Mission Landscape, 1962” (September 18) and the Ancient Jade Animal Pendants in the Norton’s Chinese Collection (October 16). The series is free with admission to the museum, and while there is no need to RSVP, seating is limited.  The Norton Museum of Art is conveniently located within 15 minutes to Old Palm Golf Club.


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