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Croquet anyone?

September 20, 2013

Ncc backyard 26 150x150

Most everyone has played croquet at some time or another. But unless you’ve played it on an official-size laser-level lawn, with a high-quality wooden mallet and tournament-style hoops (or wickets), you haven’t experienced the game in all its glory. But you can and for free. Every Saturday at 10 a.m., the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach offers complimentary lessons in this surprisingly competitive, strategic sport. You’ll learn the proper grip, how to score a wicket, and maybe even how to make a split shot, where two balls are sent flying in two different directions with one swing. For the lesson, you don’t even have to dress in all white, the traditional attire for croquet. Just wear flat-soled shoes and show up, ready to play this increasingly popular sport that began in the British Isles in the mid-19th century. Learn more at www.croquetnational.com or by calling 561-478-2300.


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