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Golf Channel films Lee Westwood episode at Old Palm

October 21, 2013

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The Golf Channel came to Old Palm recently to shoot an episode of “Playing Lessons with the Pros” with Lee Westwood, who now lives full time in the Custom Estates neighborhood. Hosted by Holly Sonders, the episode will air this spring. A sneak preview was broadcast on the Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive,” during which Sonders related the benefits of Westwood’s move from England to Old Palm. He loves the weather, is far less jet-lagged when he plays on the PGA Tour, and his short game has improved dramatically because he has time to practice at Old Palm’s spectacular Golf Studio. During the episode, Westwood demonstrated one of the more difficult shots in golf—hitting a somewhat lengthy shot from a greenside bunker. With a 60-degree lob wedge in hand, Westwood explained, “I open the clubface, take a nice wide stance and dig in [with his feet]. Then, I come in wide and throw the club under the ball.” It came out beautifully and landed close to the pin. No need for Take Two.


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