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Golf fitness can reduce injuries and scores

October 30, 2013

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Professional golfers like Old Palm residents Lee Westwood, Charl Schwartzel and Louis Oosthuizen aren’t the only ones who play better when they’re in shape. Golfers of all abilities—men and women—can benefit from being fit, which is why the Titleist Performance Institute-certified exercise class at Old Palm has become so popular. “The class focuses on training our members to improve the efficiency of their golf swing by improving range of motion, lower-body stability, core strength and motor control as it relates to the golf swing,” explains Ken MacDonald, Golf Fitness Specialist at Old Palm. During the one-hour class (Thursdays, 9:30 a.m.), MacDonald teaches members how to make their bodies more resistant to injury by practicing movements that are characteristic of a good golf swing. He breaks the swing into distinct parts, allowing members to more easily focus on essentials like properly hinging from the hips at set-up, developing a better coil on the backswing, and creating more speed in the downswing. The class concludes with a strength circuit, after which golfers are ready to play Old Palm’s spectacular Raymond Floyd-designed golf course.


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