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Cheers to Halloween!

November 04, 2013

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Old Palm enthusiastically toasted Halloween during Pub Night the evening before the actual holiday, and the costumes were inspiring to say the least. Dozens of members showed up at the Club decked out in frightening masks, hair-raising wigs, red devil horns and more.

There were prom queens, pirates, cowboys, gangsters and even a zombie wearing a bizarre tied-dyed outfit and a gruesome grin. For good measure, Batman showed up in case the festivities got out of hand, or maybe he was just looking for Robin. It’s no secret that the members of Old Palm know how to have a great time, and our Pub Nights (every Wednesday, every week during the season) are among the most entertaining events. Stuffy just doesn’t have a place at Old Palm, the premier private Club community in the Palm Beaches.


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