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Hackett offers instruction in Golf Magazine

January 23, 2014

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In the February 2014 issue of Golf Magazine, Old Palm Director of Instruction Mark Hackett explains how to escape from a waste bunker. The magazine has honored Hackett as one of America’s Top 100 Instructors every year since 2009, so his advice is well founded. Hackett says the key to getting out of a waste bunker is to hit the ball first, then the sand — the opposite of what you should do in a greenside bunker. Here’s how to execute the shot: • Set up with most of your weight on your left side and keep it there throughout • Choke down two inches on the club’s handle • Play the ball an inch or two right of center • Lean your body toward the target so that your nose is just in front of the ball • Think “quiet” lower body on the backswing • Turn through impact and finish tall Don’t forget, you can ground your club in a waste bunker so take full advantage of that benefit too.


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