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Cheers to Pub Night featuring Nobilo Wine

March 19, 2014

Nobilo sauvignon blanc m 150x150

Wednesday is Pub Night in the Club at Old Palm, and to add to the festivities the House of Nobilo recently presented two of its most distinct wines. Nobilo is one of the leading wineries in New Zealand, and former professional golfer Frank Nobilo is its Brand Ambassador in the United States. He’s related to the winery’s founder, so the connection was only natural. During Pub Night, residents sampled a Marlborough Pinot Noir, a complex wine with rich aromas of berry fruits, spice and hints of dark chocolate. It’s often paired with herb-crusted rack of lamb or char-grilled tuna. Residents also enjoyed a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp full-bodied wine with a striking bouquet of passionfruit, gooseberries and nettles. It’s goes well with pan-seared fish and fresh asparagus. Every Pub Night offers a good reason to celebrate, and this one toasted the occasion by offering two new wines.


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