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Turf Talk by Lee Bladen, Golf Course Superintendent

May 12, 2014

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Turf Talk by Lee Bladen Old Palm's Superintendent It is hard to believe that the winter season is rapidly coming to an end. This season we faced different weather patterns than we had experienced in past years. Traditionally the winter months are dry and warm here in South Florida. Yes, we would have cold fronts come through but nothing like we faced this year. This season the weather included severe rain events, cool temperatures and long stretches of cloudy days through the months of December, January and February. March turned around and the temperatures got warmer, which elevated soil temperature and in turn stimulated turf growth. Over the last several months we have been on a heavy granular and liquid fertilizer program trying to stimulate growth throughout, especially on the putting greens. Additionally, the greens are sprayed twice a week with a mixture of fertilizer products and additives to promote growth. This increase in fertilizer combined with all the extra efforts we used during the severe weather conditions has now kicked in and to put it simply, “the grass is growin’ and we are mowin.’” The putting greens are becoming more dense, allowing for increased programs to provide faster green speeds and constant topdressing, and vertical mowing has also helped to keep ball roll smooth.


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