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Hackett illustrates the perfect backswing in Golf Magazine

May 15, 2014

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In the June 2014 issue of Golf Magazine, Old Palm Director of Instruction Mark Hackett explains the two steps to a perfect backswing. The magazine has honored Hackett as one of America’s Top 100 Instructors every year since 2009, so his advice is well founded. Hackett says the key to playing well for pros and amateurs alike is to think less about the mechanics of golf. In fact, he recommends concentrating on two thoughts maximum when swinging. Emptying your mind of clutter will allow you to swing “in the zone.” In the case of the backswing, Hackett suggests these two thoughts:

  • Turn your left shoulder under your chin while keeping the upper part of your left arm snug against your chest.
  • Point your left thumb at your right shoulder.
Combined, these two moves eliminate 90% of backswing errors by getting the shaft and clubhead where they need to be at the top—on plane and ready to deliver a powerful blow.


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