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Orchids of every shade soon available at Mounts Botanical Garden

August 18, 2014

Orchid1 150x150

Mounts Botanical Garden will be holding an orchid event the weekend of September 13 and 14, where a variety of colorful orchids will be for sale. These shade-loving plants have long been favorites of gardeners, even among novices once they realize that orchids really aren’t difficult to grow. In fact, experts will be on hand during the event to offer tips onhow best to grow orchids in South Florida’s subtropical climate. You might learn how often to feed a phalaenopsis, when to repot a dendrobium, and the best types of orchids to grow indoors. Orchids aren’t as finicky as many people think, and with a little knowledge anyone can soon become an orchid whisperer. Begonia, bromeliads, ferns, hoyas, aroids and other plants will also be for sale during the event. Plus, there will be a silent auction for magnificent tabletop arrangements with the proceeds going to Mounts Botanical Garden (559 North Military Trail, West Palm Beach). For more information, call 561-233-1767 or go to www.mounts.org


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