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Kayaks aren’t just for kayaking anymore

September 29, 2014

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Kayak fishing has been gaining traction in South Florida lately and has become extremely popular. Many kayaks are now designed specifically for fishing, sporting goods stores are selling more and more gear, and there are plenty of ways to learn how to fish while gliding along even remote areas in a sleek kayak. To help satisfy the increasing interest in the sport, will be holding a course called “Introduction to Kayak Fishing” on Saturday, October 4 at 1PM. The course is free with admission to the park and offers a great way to learn the basics. The instructor will go over the equipment, tackle and gear, and review the skills needed to comfortably go kayak fishing. The instruction applies to most any situation, whether you plan to fish in the Intracoastal, a neighboring lake, backcountry or offshore. Fishermen of all ages are welcome to attend. For more information and reservations, call the nature center at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, 561-624-6952.


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