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Wednesdays at Old Palm are all about fun

January 21, 2015

Clubhouse 150x150

Wednesdays are Pub Nights during the season at Old Palm Golf Club, and these special events always draw a fun-loving group. Members get together with friends, catch up over drinks and relax in a casual atmosphere where people can just be themselves. It’s the one night of the week where denim is permitted in the Club and informality rules. The TVs are on, the conversations are lively, and a golf tee mat is often outside so members can take a few shots at Old Palm’s bye hole and try to win the closest-to-the-pin contest. Sometimes, there is even bungee jumping on the event lawn for kids, although parents often join in the fun. This season’s opening Pub Night also included a casual a la carte dinner featuring all sorts of dishes and sides that are member favorites. Based on the appeal of Old Palm’s Pub Nights, Wednesday may well be the most exciting day of the week. Bar none.


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