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Westwood saves man from drowning in Barbados

January 28, 2015

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Being a pro golfer, Lee Westwood knows a thing or two about water hazards. Fortunately, when Westwood heard a man calling out in distress from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, he jumped into the sea and rescued him. It turns out the man was miner turned millionaire Colin Davies, a fellow Englishman. Both were vacationing with their families in Barbados. “The family next to us on the beach heard my cry,” said Davies, “and within a second a muscular male grabbed me and, with tremendous but gentle care, got me back to my lounge bed. I was so shocked by the whole affair that I didn’t convey my heartfelt thanks to the Samaritan who had rescued me.” “Don’t get any red shorts, running down the beach ‘Baywatch’ images in your head,” said Westwood, an Old Palm Golf Club resident and member. “The gentleman was struggling to get back up to the beach and I was only too happy to help.”


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