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Swivel Your Head for a Smooth Start

February 02, 2015

Swivel 150x150

Lots of players struggle to feel comfortable at address. Even with your favorite club in hand, you’re not always sure you’re aimed correctly. Your posture may feel funny. Sometimes, you get locked up and have a hard time starting your swing. So what’s the solution? Mark Hackett, Director of Instruction at Old Palm and one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, offered this four-step advice in a recent issue of the magazine. Step One Step into your address position with your right foot only while swiveling your head to focus on your target. As you stare down your target line, sole the club on the ground behind the ball and aim the face where you want the ball to land. Step Two With your eyes still focused on the target, step in with your left foot. Burn one last image of the target in your mind’s eye, as though you’re sighting a rifle or a dart. Step Three Slowly turn your head back to the address position, taking care to trace your eyes along your target line, starting from the end point all the way to where the line intersects the ball. This is critical! If your eye line points to the right of the target line, you’ll probably whip the club to the inside, which is a common slicer’s mistake. Step Four As your head returns to the proper address position [with your nose directly over the ball], let the rotation of your head jump-start your takeaway. Basically, you want to imagine that your club is picking up the momentum of your head. The action of your eyes, tracing the line of the shot, can be a smooth, flowing trigger.


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